Woman Posts Video To Try And Find One-Night Stand Who Got Her Pregnant

A French woman is hoping a viral video she made will help track down a man who reportedly got her pregnant during a one-night stand.

On her last night of vacation in Australia, Natalie Amyot claimed she experienced "love at first sight" when she met a blonde Australian man at a party. The Paris native said she instantly bonded with the man and then had some end-of-holiday fun before leaving to go back home the next morning.

While venturing back home, Amyot claimed she lost her phone and, subsequently, the mystery Australian guy's number.

Six weeks later, things got slightly worse when she found out she was pregnant -- allegedly because of the one-night stand she had on the last night of her vacation.

Natalie is hoping a journey back to Australia paired with a viral video she made is enough to potentially bring this man back into her life.

You can watch her video below.

Things aren't going very smoothly for Natalie and her quest to find her baby's daddy, though.

Since posting her plea, Amyot's recently-deleted Facebook page was riddled with people contesting the validity of her story.

Memes and negative comments plagued her posts.

True or not, this better be turned into an indie rom-com.

In my head, I already cast Alison Brie and Michael B. Jordan in the lead roles.

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