People Are Pretending To Faint Just To See If Their Pets Give A F*ck


The lesson here is your pet probably does not give a royal f*ck if you are in physical trouble or not.

For some reason I don't understand, people in Japan are filming themselves pretending to faint while walking their pets just to see how they react.

The funny part is, aside from the fact that this is the most painfully obvious cry for attention in the history of mankind, pet owners are slowly finding out that their animals do not give a single solitary crap if they are in mortal peril.

“Cool, cool. Thanks for everything. I'm out.”

“Soooo fun. This was SOOOOOO fun. Def gonna catch up real soon."

“Oh no! OK, well. You got your stuff, I got my stuff. Let's def hang out real soon. OK, gotta go! Baiiii!”

“You know what? I gotta thing. You handle this, and we'll meet back up later? Def hang V soon.”

“Ugh! DENISE! We GOTTA stop meeting like this! I have like the MOST pressing appointment across town. DM me! We'll def do something -- def soon! Crazy week!"

“Go f*ck yourself.”

For real, though, the only animals that seem to care are pet birds, and that's useless because birds are the most unhelpful animals (aside from seahorses and moths) when it comes to helping people out who are in mortal danger.

"Lassie" was super inaccurate.

A more real-life version of that show would just involve two minutes of some kid yelling, "Lassie! Go get help! I'm in the bottom of this well!" and then 15 minutes of Lassie just wandering around, enjoying life.

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