People Are Actually Permanently Tattooing Their Eyeballs Different Colors (Photos)

There are only so many places on the body to get a tattoo.

You'd think by now we've seen it all, but, you'd be wrong.

A new and terrifying trend is taking the body-art world by storm: Eyeball tattoos.

The body-art practice began a couple of years ago, with tattoo artist Luna Cobra injecting his corneas with colored dye in an attempt to mimic characters from the movie "Dune."

The trend's popularity has steadily increased ever since.

A Facebook page for 'Eyeball Tattoos' has more 16,000 likes, and on Instagram, there are nearly 1,200 posts dedicated to the creepy look.

Customers can tattoo their eyes any color they wish…

Some of which look downright devilish.

The procedure, like traditional tattoos, is permanent…

And involves injecting the eye's outermost layer, the conjunctiva, with dye.

It takes several injections to achieve the desired look.

Unsurprisingly, eyeball tattoos aren't completely safe.

Jamaican artist Mace nearly blinded himself earlier this year after attempting to dye his eyes black.

Those who stand by the practice enjoy the otherworldly look…

But for the rest of us, it's a little creepy.

Regular tattoos can be lasered off, but not eyeball tattoos.

So kids, think long and hard before dying your eyeballs.

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