Orlando Police Shared An Image Of The Helmet That Saved An Officer's Life

Thanks to a piece of handy equipment, a police officer was able to escape the traumatic events in Orlando with his life.

A bullet struck the officer's head during a shootout between police and the gunman who savagely attacked the Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning. Luckily for the officer, his helmet stopped the fatal shot, according to a report from CNN, which cited a Florida law enforcement official as its source.

The report also stated the officer walked away with only a small eye injury.

The helmet that saved the officer is called a Kevlar helmet.

According to Orlando Police Chief John Mina, a police officer who was working as a security guard at Pulse was the first to report a gunman on the scene around 2 am on Sunday morning.

About three hours later, the police had eliminated their target.

Various social media videos captured sight of police vehicles stationed around Pulse. The video below featured the disturbing sound of gunshots being fired in the area.

Smh RT @ImLordMA52: SHIT, MAN! Snapchat video: Multiple gunshots heard at Pulse nightclub in Orlando." — Olaf. (@BunnnB) June 12, 2016

Chief Mina confirmed the attack, which claimed 50 lives, as the deadliest mass shooting in US history. Thanks to one officer's helmet, though, one less life was lost on Sunday.

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