Here's how to order the viral Cheesecake Factory TikTok Caesar salad hack on DoorDash.

The Cheesecake Factory Added A New Salad To The Menu Thanks To A Viral TikTok Hack

You can get it delivered!

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If you’ve been looking for a chance to try the viral Cheesecake Factory Caesar salad hack going around TikTok, now’s your chance. Starting Jan. 10, you can finally order the Louisiana Chicken Caesar Salad for pick-up or have the delicious dish delivered directly to your door. Here are all the ways you can order the viral Cheesecake Factory TikTok Caesar salad hack with a kick.

If the Cheesecake Factory Caesar salad TikTok hack hasn’t made it to your FYP yet, let me fill you in: On Nov. 9, 2021, TikToker Alix Traeger (@majortraeger) shared a special Cheesecake Factory hack from Zoya Biglary (@thezoyaroya) to unlock the “best Caesar salad in the world.” In the video, Biglary explains that to order the life-changing salad, you’ll need to order the Caesar salad, then substitute the regular chicken for Louisiana style chicken, and top it off with some caramelized onions. As of Jan. 10, 2022, the video has over 3.3 million views, and has made so much traction that The Cheesecake Factory added the savory salad, now known as the Louisiana Chicken Caesar Salad, to the menu on Jan. 10 for a limited time only. You can order is as an appetizer-sized Caesar salad or an entrée sized Caesar salad, so you can enjoy the viral meal just the way you like it. Pricing varies by location, but a Cheesecake Factory just outside of Chicago is selling the app salad for $16.95 and the entrée for $19.99.

Ready for a taste of the best Caesar salad in the world? Here’s how you can get yours. For curbside or in-store pick-up, order the Louisiana Chicken Caesar Salad online at The Cheesecake Factory website for pick-up at all Cheesecake Factory locations nationwide.


Or, if you’re looking to have the TikTok-famous salad delivered to your door, you’re going to have to sign up for DoorDash’s membership program called DashPass, which costs $9.99 per month, because the Louisiana Chicken Caesar Salad is exclusively available on the delivery platform for DashPass users.

Courtesy of The Cheesecake Factory

According to The Cheesecake Factory, the Louisiana Chicken Caesar Salad is only available for a limited time, and it’s likely to be off the menu in one month, so you’re gonna want to hit “Order Now” ASAP. If you pick up your trendy Caesar salad in person, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.