This Olympian Racked Up Nearly $5K In Phone Charges Playing Pokémon Go


Meet Kohei Uchimura. He's awesome when it comes to gymnastics. Not so much with data roaming knowledge.

The six-time world champion Japanese Olympic gymnast racked up $4,954 playing Pokémon Go.

Yep. He paid a heavy price for trying to catch 'em all in Rio.

Plot twist: Pokémon Go was only released hours ago in Brazil.

According to Kyodo, teammate Kenzo Shirai said the gymnast broke the news to his friends over dinner.

He sighed after seeing the figure told everyone how much he had to pay.

"He looked dead at the team meal that day," added Kenzo.

But somehow, the medalist managed to worm his way out of the hulking bill.

He called his phone company (which probably cost a lot too) and explained the situation/probably dropped in he was representing the country at the Olympics.

The son of a gun had the debt completely cleared! This doesn't happen to normal people.

The gymnast said, "I really lucked out."

Yeah. Now how about you start training for the Olympics.