Supervising Officer Charged In Connection With Eric Garner's Death

On Friday, New York City police sergeant Kizzy Adonis was served with departmental charges in connection with Eric Garner's death, making her the first officer to be formally charged. Adonis was also placed on modified duty, according to Reuters.

Adonis was the supervisor of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo, who placed the fatal chokehold on Garner in July 2014. She was one of several officers present at the scene of Garner's death.

In a controversial, and oft-protested, decision last year, a Staten Island jury voted to not charge Officer Pantaleo with any wrongdoing, while federal prosecutors requested the NYPD put all internal inquiries on hold while they investigated. A statute of limitations provided a loophole through which the NYPD could charge Adonis though it remains unclear exactly what charges the sergeant faces.

The US Justice Department continues to investigate Garner's death as a potential civil rights violation, and all further disciplinary action will hinge on its decision, according to a statement released by the NYPD.

Garner's family has yet to comment on the case's new development. In July, the family was awarded $5.9 million in a settlement with the city.

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