'The View' Hosts Stupidly Mock Miss America Contestant's Nurse Uniform


This season's cohosts on "The View" wasted no time offending an entire demographic with their casual and, occasionally, narrow-minded commentary.

On Monday, following the September 13 broadcast of the Miss America Pageant, Michelle Collins shared her opinion on the talent portion of the scholarship competition.

She said,

Joy Behar, who could not freaking BELIEVE an individual would squander her talent portion so, asked her cohosts why the contestant was wearing a “doctor's stethoscope” around her neck.

Nurses took to Twitter to defend monologist Kelley Johnson and remind Behar nurses wear stethoscopes, too.

On Facebook, nurse Hilary Helkenn remarked Collins and Behar's offhand insults “denigrated” the profession of nursing.

The reactions poured into the Twitterscape like the hot, angry and likely private tears of a pageant woman scorned.

Though neither of the hosts apologized for their statements, Collins addressed her comments on today's episode, insisting,

Behar, for her part in the matter, claimed she was clueless throughout the discussion and was unsure at any point what was exactly happening.

She said,

Mocking fellow humans is a national pastime, sure, but perhaps mocking health professionals should be reserved for special circumstances.

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