Artists Are Posting Touching Tributes To The People Of Nice


Last night, Nice, France was hit with an attack while celebrating Bastille Day, a national holiday for them.

A man drove a truck through a crowd of spectators watching fireworks along the French Riviera and reportedly shot at them. As of Friday morning, 84 people were killed, 48 people are in critical condition and 25 are in intensive care. Over 10 children were also killed in the attack and 50 are in the hospital.

French authorities are investigating this as an act of terror.

In the wake of so much violence happening around the world, this attack is truly devastating. Artists everywhere have created beautiful and touching tributes to  the people of France and the lives lost, sharing them on social media.

Their creations aim to inspire peace, unity and prayer for France. Thousands everywhere have been posting on social media about this tragedy with the hashtags #PrayForNice and #JeSuisNice (I am Nice).

Below you can see some of the impactful images that have been created by artists, illustrators and cartoonists. These images help bring people together in the aftermath of this terrible attack.