News Station Exaggerates This On-Camera Incident And Totally Fails (Video)

A local news station failed miserably in trying to sensationalize an on-camera incident to back up its story.

Utah's FOX 13 was doing a story about a dangerous crosswalk when a young woman approached the location where a car was stopped.

She began to walk, but the car suddenly accelerated, causing her to step back.

A clip from the news video was posted on Reddit. The clip clearly shows the teen, Lesli Thomas, tripping over the curb while walking backward and falling on her butt.

FOX 13, however, worded her little accident just a tad differently so it seemed more severe, thus further supporting its story.

The station announced,

Lesli Thomas was so shaken up, she collapsed.

It appears in Utah people who "collapse" are somehow able to get up immediately afterward.

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