New York Post Hacked App Sent Out Some Really Disturbing Alerts: 'Heil President'


It was April Fools' Day on Saturday so naturally, we were all on our toes. Was Karen actually pregnant? Did Tom and Susie actually get engaged? Was my cousin actually arrested in a bank heist gone wrong?

Did the New York Post actually send out an alert saying, "Heil President Donald Trump?"

*Cue record scratch*

Wait, what?

That's right, in addition to that disgusting Nazi message, the New York Post app, which was hacked on April Fools' Day, sent out a number of other creepy and inappropriate push alert notifications.


OK, so the alert, "Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, but don't be late,” is actually lyrics from Nirvana's "Come As You Are."

But "Selah" is an exclamation used in the bible, so yeah, this is all pretty fucking spooky. Who hacked the New York Post? A demon of the ancient world?

When a newspaper is telling you "salvation remains within reach," usually they're trying to get you to order a yearly subscription. Otherwise, I'd say they were clearly hacked... or, you know, possessed by a demonic entity.

*Sprays holy water on iPhone just in case*

Somehow, someway, these other push alert notifications are much, much worse:


Angels? Sinning? Whoever hacked this account has no idea how to pull off a funny April Fools' Day prank.

Of course, things got really messed up when the push alert notification commanded us to "Heil President Donald Trump."

The New York Post was quick to confirm they were, in fact, hacked and apologized.


They also wrote in another tweet,

The push alert system for our mobile app was compromised this evening. Please accept our apologies.

What is it with 2017 and hackers invading every square inch of the internet?

Time will tell if the perpetrator behind this hack will be found and caught.

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