There's A New Theory About That Pregnant Giraffe And It'll Break Your Heart

by Rayne Ellis

The American people are getting pretty fed up with April the giraffe's extremely long pregnancy – so fed up, in fact, that many are starting to think it's a hoax.

A resident of the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY, the giraffe gained internet notoriety when tens of millions of people tuned in to a live-stream of her giving birth.

The problem: She never gave birth.

Typically, giraffe pregnancies last between 13 and 15 months, and April's expected due date was in mid-February. Considering we're now basically done with March, people are growing weary of waiting, and are now speculating.

Is it a coincidence the giraffe's name is April, and April Fool's Day is right around the corner? Yeah, probably. But that hasn't stopped countless people on Twitter from drawing some pretty out-there conclusions, anyway.


If this was really a joke, it would leave the hundreds of thousands of #GiraffeWatch viewers very disappointed.

Really, 2017, we can't even have wholesome giraffe births?

The first question everyone would ask is, "Why?" Well, the conspiracists suggest it's all for money. The zoo is closed for the off-season, but because of April's celebrity status, sponsors have come out of the woodwork.


For example, now, a huge Toy R Us logo sits in the corner of the live-stream.

However, the likelihood of April's pregnancy being an elaborate hoax is very slim, as Animal Adventure Park continuously updates its Facebook page with photos and information from her doctor.

One update came last night, and it said:

Keep on laughing! Our sense of humor has kept us sane throughout this entire process! Tonight, I will share with you Dr Tim's report to his following friends and colleagues. 'Ok Gang... if you have been watching today, you should start getting excited... we are seeing almost all the signs of birth happening within the coming days... of course, my schedule is crazy for the next few days so naturally, we will pick the worst time possible. Hah. In an effort to speed things along I am launching "Operation Taco Induction"... let's see what happens. (Not in Labor...) yet. - disclaimer - she didn't actually get a taco. I'm not ridiculous.'

So it's way more likely our anticipated baby giraffe will arrive on April Fool's Day rather than news of a hoax. Hopefully.

Please don't let it be a hoax!

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