New Google Maps Update Will Show Forgetful People Where They Parked Their Car


There is nothing more intimidating than a crowded Target parking lot.

Moms in minivans show no mercy, and "the young people" (my grandmother's famous reference for 20-somethings) will fight to the death for a spot closest to the entrance.

Upon leaving with a full shopping cart — even though you only came for paper towels — it seems everyone in the lot also has a white 2010 Nissan Rogue.

Suddenly, you're a little confused which car is yours.

Gavin Hellier

For drivers living in parking lot nightmares of suburbia (or the ones in the city who can't remember which avenue they parked on), Google Maps is here for you.

A new Google Maps update conveniently lets you save your parking spot right on the map. Finally, a valiant effort to put an end to the "Where is my car?" phenomenon.

Mashable notes this is not the same as Google Maps' automatic parking detection.


Although the update was originally part of a Google Maps beta that was exclusive to Andriod, the feature just became available on iOS, too.

Deep breaths, iPhone users — Google didn't forget about you.

But, for those of you using Androids, here's the lowdown.

Once you park your car, tap the blue dot on the app and click "save your parking." A label will pop up, detailing your location.

If you're really bound to forget where you left your car, you have the option to add a note with clearer instructions (next to the red Honda Accord, three feet from the light post, aisle A1 — whatever your heart desires).

And, if you're straight up not paying attention, there is an option to send your parking location to a friend -- but let's hope you don't have to resort to the buddy system.

The feature works similarly on the iPhone. The blue dot allows you to set your parking location, and after doing so, you're presented with the same options as Android users.

So this is it -- the end to forgetfulness (hopefully).

You can update Google Maps to its latest version to access the feature... or you can go the old-fashioned route and just remember where you park your car.

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