Girl Scouts Cookies' new flavor for 2023.

This New Girl Scout Cookie Is A “Sister” To Thin Mints, And I’m Intrigued

And you can buy it online.

Courtesy of Girl Scouts of the USA

Girl Scout Cookie SZN is arguably the most wonderful time of the year fkr cookie aficionados. Whether it’s the cult favorite Thin Mints or tangy shortbread Lemonades, they are undeniably crowd pleasers. The 2022 Girl Scout Cookie season might be over, but it’s never too early to start planning your orders for the 2023 season that runs from January to April. And next year, a new bombshell enters the villa: Raspberry Rally. Here’s what to know about the new Raspberry Rally Girl Scout Cookie flavor for 2023 and where to buy it.

The new cookie, announced on Aug. 16, is a thin raspberry chocolate cookie that the Girl Scouts refer to as a “sister” to the Thin Mints, thanks to their shared chocolate coating. The Raspberry Rally, as it’s called, will be a crispy chocolate cookie infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint and dipped in the same chocolaty coating. The cookie will also be the first online-exclusive Girl Scout Cookie, meaning you can only buy it online. The girl-led entrepreneurial program that traditionally sold cookies in-person from your local Girl Scouts took cookie sales online in 2014 with its Digital Cookie platform and has since been thriving in the e-commerce space, as delicious cookies are want to do.

Courtesy of Girl Scouts of the USA

The new Raspberry Rally is being offered online as a way to “[enhance] girls’ e-commerce sales and entrepreneurial skills,” according to an Aug. 16 press release. The cookies are not only delicious, but the proceeds from cookie sales go toward local Girl Scouts councils and troops. Girl Scouts told Romper that the cookies help “fund year-round education programs, outdoor experiences, travel, and scout-led community projects.”

To get your hands on a box, visit the Girl Scouts Cookie website to sign up and be notified of when Raspberry Rally lands in your area. The boxes will range from around $4 to $6 based on the local market of each Girl Scout council.

Yoh can keep your 2023 order super fresh by also adding in the new Girl Scout Cookie from the 2022 season. This year saw the release of a brand new brownie-inspired cookie called Adventurefuls that was a hit with its caramel-flavored crème and dash of sea salt.

Just don’t forget classics like Thin Mints ans Tagalongs — OGs stick around for a reason.