Woman Gets Completely Naked In Waffle House And Attacks Other Customers

A woman stripped off her clothes before attacking customers at a Georgia Waffle House.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jennifer Mary Nicholson was completely naked when she allegedly punched a woman in the face, breaking the woman's nose, at the Cobb County, Georgia restaurant last Friday night.

The 37-year-old reportedly then started throwing platters at customers.

The arrest warrant said,

The accused stripped off all of her clothes off in front of Waffle House staff and patrons during a suspected excited delirium state.

One platter damaged a window, and Nicholson threw another at a responding police officer.

Nicholson fought back when police tried to arrest her, scratching an officer so violently she drew blood.

The Marietta woman was eventually arrested and charged with aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, simple assault, obstruction, simple battery against a police officer and public indecency, CNN reports.

She is currently being held without bond at a Cobb County jail.

Nicholson seemed to have been under the influence during the rampage, much like the woman who terrorized a Subway restaurant in October while also not wearing any clothes.

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