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Woman Causes Traffic Jam By Dancing Completely Naked On Top Of A Truck

A massive traffic jam reportedly ensued on a Texas highway on Monday morning due to a naked woman who refused to climb down from a truck.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the woman was seen dancing suggestively on top of an 18-wheeler sitting idly on the US 290 in Houston just after 9 am.

She appears to have gotten upset before shedding her clothing and mounting the truck's cab.

The woman may have been involved in the three-car accident that occurred nearby on the same highway, as well as another accident in Jersey Village.

The former accident was the reason traffic remained still before the woman climbed onto the truck, which was heading west, ABC 13 reports.

She stood up a few times but sat down for most of the confrontation.

The highway's outbound lanes were closed for several hours...

...before both sides of the highway were shut down for a brief period.

The woman was finally brought down in a firetruck's ladder basket at about 11 am.

The woman was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation, and the highway is now open, according to KHOU.

Authorities are yet to disclose why she climbed on top of the truck, and it's unclear if she'll face charges.

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