Scientists Have No Idea What This Mystery Object Orbiting Behind Neptune Is

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You think we'd know our own solar system by 2016, but then scientists discover proof of a massive planet ten times the size of Earth and now there's a mystery object orbiting beyond Neptune?

Space, you're so cool. I mean, you're -454.81 Fahrenheit. That's how cool you are.

But let's get back to the mystery object. It's what's called a TNO, a trans-Neptunian object, which sounds like a "Star Trek" term but sadly is not.

It's orbiting in the outer solar system, beyond Neptune, but here's the really weird part -- it's orbiting around the sun f*cking backwards. What a rebel!

In fact, its nickname "Niku" comes from the Chinese adjective for rebellious.

Personally, I had my fingers crossed we'd name it "James Dean," or "Me In 7th Grade," two terms that also connote rebelliousness.

The icy, Hoth-like world could be less than 125 miles in diameter. No word yet on whether there's a native population of these bad boys...

Star Wars

Here's what Michele Bannister, an astronomer at Queens University, Belfast, had to tweet about the discovery.

Oh, my seat belt is buckled, Michele. I'm strapped the f*ck in. Let's get weird!

The Planet Nine hypothesis she's referring to was that this TNO, which is part of a group of objects orbiting the solar system at an inclined plane, could be affected by Planet Nine's gravitational pull.

But it's not! Scientists think it might be "knocked off course," but basically, when it comes to the TNO, they're all like...


On top of that, the mystery object is also spinning at 110 degrees from the solar systems plane. Just a like a DJ spinning in 110 degree weather, this news is HOT stuff.

Reveal your secrets, Niku! We just want to know you so we can love you more fully!

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