Muslims Around The World Denounce Terrorism In Wake Of Paris Attacks (Photos)


Muslims from all over the world are speaking out against the brutal attacks that killed more than 127 people and injured countless more in Paris yesterday.

Fearing Islam will be blamed for the coordinated assaults, as it was following 9/11, many are publicly denouncing extremist groups on social media using the hashtag #IAmAMuslim.

By rejecting the violence and those at fault, they hope to show terrorism is in no way sanctioned by Islam.

It's natural to need to blame someone  —  or something  —  after unfathomable tragedy strikes. But Islam is not at fault, and to believe anything otherwise is ignorant and, frankly, quite stupid.

Islamophobes were quick to blame religion in the aftermath of yesterday's deadly attacks.

But Muslims are just as horrified by the assault as the rest of us are.

That's because Islam does not sanction violence in any way; it is a peaceful religion.

We cannot blame Islam for the actions or beliefs of extremist groups.

And we cannot win the fight against terrorism if do not understand it.

Hatred is not the answer. Understanding is.

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