Man Murders GF With 'Rough' V-Day Sex And Takes Pics Of Her Unconscious Body


A man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after his girlfriend died following their rough Valentine's Day sex.

Francisco "Chico" Fierro, a 26-year-old from El Paso, had violent intercourse with his 24-year-old girlfriend, Karyna Rodriguez, two years ago on February 14.

Rodriguez was found dead the next day inside an apartment they were staying in after bleeding to death following this violent sexual activity, ABC 7 reports.

Fierro pleaded guilty to murdering his then-girlfriend last week via The El Paso district attorney's office.


The abusive boyfriend allegedly claimed he and Rodriguez fell asleep after having sex on Valentine's Day. He said he woke up to his girlfriend bleeding from her vagina.

However, police found photos on Fierro's phone of Rodriguez lying on unconscious a mattress in the apartment surrounded by blood. They concluded he moved her body before snapping the photos.

An autopsy shows Rodriguez bled to death following severe internal injuries, El Paso Times reports.

Fierro's ex-girlfriends claimed he was often inclined to use objects during intercourse. While talking to prosecutors, they believed sex that might have been what killed Rodriguez.

Although his girlfriend bled to death at the scene, medical examiner Dr. Juan Contín claimed she was still alive when she was initially injured, and he believed she was probably unconscious due to the amount of blood she lost.

It's been reported the couple began the night binge drinking and celebrating Valentine's Day together, and by the time Rodriguez was found, she had a blood-alcohol content more than five times the legal limit.

Fierro's lawyer claimed the duo had consensual sex during their alcohol-induced V-Day celebration, and that they were in love, even though the sex was so rough it led to Rodriguez's death.

According to El Passo Times, a charge of dating/family violence aggravated assault with a weapon was dismissed.

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