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Monique Earle Offered $500 And Juicy Couture Bag In Exchange For Murder

Just under two weeks after she was arrested for attempting a murder-for-hire scheme, a 20-year-old woman finally had her day in court, and the details of her plot are fascinating.

Monique Earle, of New Hampshire, was put in handcuffs after she was caught looking to order a hit on the girlfriend of her ex.

Except when she went to meet the "hit man," she was actually meeting up with an undercover officer, NBC Boston reports.

By that Wednesday night, police were able to arrest Earle. NBC Boston quoted Claremont Police Chief Alex Scott as saying,

We were able to put the case together in less than 24 hours and put an end to what could have been a very dangerous situation.
Court papers show 20 y/o Monique Earle wanted her ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend tortured & raped for days before she was killed. #nh @wcax — Cat Viglienzoni (@WCAX_Cat) December 1, 2016

According to Scott, Earle was willing to pay $500 for her adversary to be killed, while NH 1 reports the woman also offered her Juicy Couture bag as a deposit. Police had even obtained a hand-written letter detailing how she wanted her target to die.

Scott told NBA Boston,

The plans were for [the victim] to be kidnapped, drugged, and raped for a few days. She wanted [the victim] locked in a room and starved for three days and then killed.
20 y/o Monique Earle faces two felonies for allegedly trying to hire someone to kill a woman she says ruined her life. Details @WMUR9 at 6. — Kristen Carosa (@KCarosaWMUR) December 1, 2016

Earle's legal troubles stemmed from her relationship with her ex, of course. As she appeared in court on Monday for a three-hour hearing, the details of that relationship were explored.

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, Earle's ex-boyfriend is the father of her 7-month-old son and her unborn child.

They had all been living in a tent behind a Kmart, the Union Leader reports, but the boyfriend left her for another woman just days after Thanksgiving.


The Union Leader also reported that Earle made her motives clear during a police interview, during which she reportedly asked,

Wouldn't you want somebody gone if she destroyed your family?

But if she's found guilty, she might be the one that ends up "gone."

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