Study Shows Up To Half Of Molly Users Might Actually Be Taking Bath Salts

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This is pretty scary. In a recent test of 48 Molly users, approximately half were found to have unknowingly ingested other substances, including bath salts.

Researchers from NYU analyzed hair samples from 48 “lifetime” Molly users. Of those who reported never taking bath salts, 41 percent tested positive for bath salts; whereas, 48 percent tested positive for butylone, a compound similar to methamphetamine.

According to the researchers, those who had attended nightclubs or festivals were more likely to have unknowingly ingested chemicals other than MDMA or Molly.

Lead Researcher Dr. Palamar cautions,

Ecstasy wasn't always such a dangerous drug, but it is becoming increasingly risky because it has become so adulterated with new drugs that users and the scientific community alike know very little about. Users need to be aware that what they are taking may not be MDMA.

On an even scarier note, reports from the DEA indicate only 13 percent of Molly seized in New York in the last four years actually contained MDMA.

Aside from abstaining from drug use, which is the easiest way to avoid accidentally ingesting unknown substances, the researchers suggest not taking anything of which you don't know the origin.

And let's be real: When it comes to drugs, the origin is pretty much always unknown — unless you're making it yourself, in which case, there are bigger concerns.

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