Model Has Perfect Response To Body Shamers Who Claim She's Too Skinny


If alien life forms are observing human beings, they probably assume we are a self-destructive race that will eventually collapse inward due to intense mutual hatred, leaving only scorched earth and deep craters in our wake.

The latest instance of humanity's cruelty can be found on photographer Brydie Mack's Instagram.

After Mack posted a picture of Australian model Genevieve Barker, commenters took the liberty of suggesting Barker was "a skeleton,” and, ultimately, just “gross.”

The model spoke to Daily Mail concerning the hypocrisy of body shaming someone as thin as herself.

She said,

Among the monsters were some rational Instagrammers, who commented messages of support.

One user wrote,

Another reminded fellow commenters there is a thinking, feeling human behind the photo, writing,

Barker told Daily Mail she isn't malnourished and doesn't think eating a burger, a request she frequently receives from her commenters, is the answer to making her body more palatable to her critics.

The model explained,

The next time you're thinking of body shaming someone, consider this: If you don't treat your fellow humans with respect, aliens will inherit Earth.

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