Mizzou Protestors Rally Against Student Reporter Covering Protest (Video)

On Monday, The University of Missouri system president, Tim Wolfe, resigned following protests over his response to race-related incidents on the school's campus.

Immediately following his resignation, students and professors staged public protests to allegedly continue the conversation about racial tension on campus.

A student reporter and photographer, Tim Tai, was in attendance covering the story when the protestors began bullying him, refusing to let Tai photograph them.

The incident has Twitter users in an uproar over the hypocrisy of the Mizzou community opposing the media's right to cover the story happening in a public area.

Protesters can be heard shouting at Tai, "You need to back up if you're the media! Respect the students!" One woman then encourages the students to join in against the student reporter.

One male student says, "You don't have a right to take our photos," to which Tai responds by citing his First Amendment rights.

The whole crowd eventually chimes in with a chant: "Hey, hey, ho, reporters have got to go."

From there, the video becomes even more disheartening as the student journalist is pushed and shoved by two women who have been identified as school officials: Communications Professor Melissa Click, who specifically asked for media coverage on her Facebook page, and Assistant Director of Greek Life Janna Basler.

What makes this even more interesting is Mizzou's position as a leading journalism school. In September, USA Today named the school the sixth best journalism program in the country.

Check out the full video of the crowd rallying against Tai above.

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