Miserable Photo Reveals Reason Not To Get The iPhone 7

Are you looking for a simple way to make a few extra bucks?

If so, then maybe you'd be interested in sitting outside of the Apple store on Fifth Avenue to save someone's spot in line for this Friday's iPhone 7 release.

Did I mention that you could make over $3,000? YEAH. Go get your tent ready.

Dedicated iPhone users have already started setting up camp outside of major iPhone stores in New York City and Berlin, all in anticipation of the release of the almighty iPhone 7. The photos of this line will either attract Apple users or send 'em running for the hills.



Yup, those are actual tents on the sidewalk.

The craze started on Monday -- five days before Apple's reveal.

According to Twitter users, the line-sitters have begun naming prices for their squatting services, and apparently the 13th chair in line is a "3k job."

DAMN. I'll post up outside of Apple for that kind of dough.

But if you're not one for the outdoors, this might seem like a miserable time and deter you from buying the iPhone this Friday.

There is another option, though, and it involves robots standing in line FOR YOU.

Spark Mobile in New Zealand is giving the first 100 customers a robot that will hold their place in line for them.

It's actually nuts.

Happy line-sitting, everyone!

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