Minnie Mouse's new pantsuit outfit is in honor of Disneyland Paris' 30th Anniversary.

Here’s Why Minnie Mouse Will Rock A Stella McCartney-Designed Pantsuit This March

And it’s blue!

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Minnie Mouse is getting a makeover, and it’s in celebration of two special occasions. In collaboration with British designer Stella McCartney, the Disney icon will sport a modern take on her traditional polka dots, and it will mark the first time Minnie has worn a pantsuit at Disneyland Paris, all to honor the park’s 30th anniversary. Doing two things at once, Minnie Mouse will also wear the pantsuit to celebrate Women’s History Month in March. Here’s what to know about her new look with so much meaning.

Disneyland Paris unveiled Minnie Mouse’s designer pantsuit and other festive offerings ahead of its upcoming 30th Anniversary celebration. Starting March 6, Disneyland Paris will transform its park with a new daytime show and nighttime pre-show, iridescent costumes for Mickey, Minnie, and friends, and special 30th Anniversary-themed sips and bites. But perhaps the most fun addition to the lineup is Minnie Mouse’s sleek new pantsuit — a blue tuxedo with black polka dots — designed by McCartney. Minnie’s best known for her flouncy red-and-white polka dot dress, and this pantsuit will mark the first time Minnie will rock a two-piece pantsuit at Disneyland Paris.

According to McCartney’s comments in the Disneyland Paris press release, the “new take” on Minnie’s polka dots makes her a “symbol of progress” for generations of young women. Though it was designed with Disneyland Paris’ 30th anniversary in mind, the pantsuit is also meant to honor Women’s History Month in March — the same month Minnie will wear the suit in the park. A multi-tasking pantsuit? We love to see it.

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Disneyland Paris visitors can see Minnie in her blue pantsuit with black polka dots (and matching bow) from March 6 through March 31.

McCartney also collaborated with The Walt Disney Company to release a Minnie Mouse T-shirt in honor of International Women’s Rights Day on March 8. The shirt’s design is yet to be revealed, but here’s to hoping it features Minnie’s fab pantsuit. You can buy it exclusively online and in Stella McCartney stores on March 8.

Minnie’s other costume for Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary celebration is a futuristic-looking, iridescent pink dress she’ll wear during the new daytime show called “ Dream… and Shine Brighter!”


You may think this is the famous mouse’s first time in trousers, but alas, Captain Minnie has been wearing a pantsuit onboard the Disney Cruise line since 2019.

Courtesy Of Disney Parks

Pants may not be her ~signature~ look, but Minnie sure can rock them at sea or on land, Disneyland Paris, to be exact. Can’t wait to see what she pulls out of her closet next!

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