Millionaire Lends His Mansions To People Left Homeless By Tornadoes (Video)

A Texas millionaire is reportedly charging close to nothing for victims of recent tornadoes to stay in two of his homes.

Hundreds of structures were damaged and at least 11 people were killed when storms and tornadoes hit northern Texas late last month, according to FOX 8.

Many residents were left homeless after seeing their houses reduced to ruins, with some of the destruction caused by cars sent flying into homes.

Samuel and Maria Aguilar of Garland, Texas were on a trip to celebrate their 24th wedding anniversary when their home was destroyed.

Talking about the extent of the damage, Samuel Aguilar told CW33 NewsFix,

We feel very, very blessed, but we feel bad for our neighbors because we've lived here for 15 years.

One man, Ron Sturgeon, has two houses in Colleyville, Texas listed for sale at $1,933,199 and $1,634,846.

Once he learned so many families in the area were now without homes, he said it suddenly felt wrong his two mansions were just sitting empty.

Sturgeon told CW33,

I got up Tuesday morning and I was looking at my Facebook, and I was just seeing all those posts about lost dogs... and families that didn't have a place to go... I was just astounded at all the devastation and how all the homes were just completely destroyed.

The businessman is now allowing tornado victims to live in the mansions until they have the means to find new homes.

Tenants will be charged just a dollar for every month they stay at the mansions, which will reportedly be available for a few months.

Sturgeon said,

Some people think I'm crazy, and why would I do that. But I have a thousand tenants, so I understand tenants and I understand rental properties. I've never been a victim of a tornado, but it's pretty devastating looking at those pictures.

Here's a closer look at the aftermath of the storms as well as Sturgeon's mansions.

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