This Professional Merman Is Your New Inspiration Goals

If you've ever embraced the fact that the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake, or truly longed to be under the sea, then this 24-year-old's lifestyle will make you redder than Sebastian the crab with jealousy.

World, meet Atlanta's very own Eric Montel.


Yes, you see correctly. He's a living, breathing merman. Well, I guess mermen don't breathe. Wait, do they? I'm looking to phone a friend right about now, and that friend is King Triton.


Fortunately for all of humankind, Eric is a lot nicer than King Triton. WHY ARE HIS EYES RED? SOMEONE SHOULD CALM HIM DOWN.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Eric dished on how long he's been flapping his fins, saying,

I've always been a mermaid lover since I could walk and talk. I got my first tail in 2012 and started taking being a professional merman seriously about two years ago.

Eric offers his merman services under the name Rasta Merman Blix. Regarding about the appeal of becoming a merman, Eric added,

They are the oldest mythical creature known to man. I just love how free they are and don't have to worry about money and bills like we have to. Their personalities can go from charming to dangerous at the drop of rain. Plus, humans can't resist them.

Eric also wants you to know that anybody can be a merman or a mermaid. He added,

I want other people that look like me to know that our skin shouldn't be what stops them from following their dreams.

Amen to that, Eric. What am I saying? A-mermen to that!

Eric continued,

Being a merman has taught me to be free. To not care what anyone thinks. To be like the ocean, to just be free and follow your own current.

This merman is straight up inspiring. Follow my own current?


Seriously. Way to go, Eric. You keep doing you!

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