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11 Twitter memes to help you laugh through the "WTF" of it all.

11 Twitter Memes To Help You Laugh Through The "WTF" Of It All

You gotta laugh through the pain.

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Between “verified” accounts posing as public figures and Twitter Blue’s unexpected shut down, Twitter is, uh, even more chaotic after Elon Musk acquired the platform on Oct. 27. And with very few answers (like, zero) on what’s to come, Twitters users are dealing with the confusion the only way they know how — through jokes, laughs, and a lot of memes. If you’re not ready to say goodbye just yet, you’re not alone, because these 11 Twitter memes will help you laugh through the “WTF” of it all.

It’s only been about two weeks since Musk has taken over, and what a wild two weeks it’s been. The drama was bad enough when Musk fired Twitter’s top executives and nearly half of its staff within the first week. But after Twitter’s paid subscription tier began offering a verified blue checkmark for $8 a month on Nov. 9, it didn’t exactly improve. In fact, the company was forced to suspend the program indefinitely on Nov. 11 due to an influx of parody accounts disguising themselves as real celebrities with their new verification badge. Musk has yet to publicly comment on the sudden change as on Nov. 11, and Elite Daily reached out to Twitter, but did not receive a response. Per reporting from The Verge and Axios, Twitter has dissolved its communications team.

Understandably, the rapid changes to the platform have left more than a few Twitter users feeling confused, frustrated, and uncertain about the fate of the app. But instead of abandoning the site completely, fans have chosen to meme-ify the moment instead, and the results are seriously hilarious.

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They almost got away with it, if it weren’t for those verification badges that tell you if a person got their blue check through Twitter Blue or, you know, actually being who they claim to be.

Read the room, Twitter Surveys.

This really is the vibe.

This, too.

It’s been a privilege tweeting with you all.

At least Club Penguin has games.

Can I get the Shared link, pls?


Chat rooms are about to have a huge comeback now that Twitter is on its way out.

BRB — going to check if I remember my Tumblr password.

May Twitter live on in our memories forever.

Curtain down, everyone. It’s been a good run.