Video Of Melania Flinching When Trump Touches Her Has People Super Concerned


Whether you're a full-fledged Trump supporter or a liberal longing for change, you can't deny the fact Melania Trump looks miserable being America's first lady.

Various photos have provided obvious evidence that Donald Trump's wife hasn't been happy with her new lifestyle, and sources connected to the first family have proven the assumptions to be true.

Those sources have claimed Melania is "unhappy," adding,

This life wasn't her dream, it was Donald's.

A clip from Donald Trump's campaign rally in Florida on Saturday, February 18, has people more concerned than ever about what's making Melania upset.

In the footage, Melania  was preparing to deliver the Lord's Prayer for the crowd before speaking, and she seemed startled when Donald walked behind her and touched her arm.

In the very moment her husband makes contact with her, she quickly turns her head and takes a deep breath before making eye contact with the cameras again.

When she looks back up, she seems disoriented for a split second before she continues her remarks.

While some people haven't thought much of the reaction to Donald's touch, others seem concerned for Melania's well being and are making assumptions about the two's relationship.

The "flinch" sparked curiosity in Twitter users after the video was shared specifically to point out her reaction.

The caption says,

Literally even the slightest touch by that garbage monster makes her flinch.

Soon enough, the internet caught on and grew concerned for FLOTUS.


"This is so sad."


Some Twitter users are saying it's the "very first abuse red flag."


Some say it "Speaks volumes about their relationship."


Whether or not Melania's reaction to Trump's touch was a sign of abuse or simply a reaction to the roaring crowd surrounding her at the rally, the internet is definitely concerned.

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