McDonald's Worker Throws Drink At A Homeless Man In Horrifying Video

The Internet is revolting against one awful McDonald's employee/human being who was filmed throwing a cup of something at the face of a homeless person in Detroit, Michigan.

The video, which since went viral after its original upload to LiveLeak, shows an unnamed worker luring the homeless man called Willy to the drive-thru with a sandwich.

When Willy gets close enough, the worker quickly pulls the sandwich back into the window and splashes a cup of something in Willy's face.

This is all done to a chorus of someone saying “WORLDSTAR!” in the background because that's what happens when awful stuff ends up on the Internet.

Viewers of the video flocked to Twitter, expressing their outrage at the employee's actions and asking McDonald's to remove him from the restaurant.

The video caption on LiveLeak says the homeless man got into an argument with a customer at some point, though that in no way makes up for the worker's actions.

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