McDonald's Korean iced coffee hack is legit.

TikTokers Are Combining Ice Cream And Coffee With This McDonald’s Hack

Your morning sip just got a whole lot sweeter.

by Daffany Chan

TikTok certainly has no shortage of creative food hacks, and now you can even put a sweet spin on your McDonald’s iced coffee. McDonald’s Korean iced coffee hack with ice cream on TikTok dropped on July 8, and it’s a game-changer. Check out the viral TikTok to see how you can transform your usual cup of joe with a soft-serve cone.

McDonald’s shared a TikTok video on how to make a Korean iced coffee, and it’s the perfect chilly hack to cool you off during the summer. The combo of coffee and ice cream has been getting plenty of buzz from TikTokers all across the globe: It first went viral in Australia in April 2021, according to 9Honey, as TikTokers called it the McBassett, referring to the Bassett latte from a cafe called Paul Bassett in South Korea that’s popular for its ice cream lattes.

TikToker @snackqween was featured in McDonald’s July 8 TikTok video demonstrating how to do the coffee hack with step-by-step instructions using classic McDonald’s menu items. First, you’ll need to get a black McDonald’s iced coffee (with room for the ice cream at the top) and then take the lid and straw off. Next, grab your McDonald’s vanilla soft serve cone and put it upside down (ice cream side first) into the iced coffee cup, dipping slowly so that it melts away until all the ice cream comes out into the cup. The final part is to place your lid and straw back onto the cup and sip on your new treat. The blend of ice cream and iced coffee should create balanced flavors with each sip. “That’s actually kinda nice, it’s not too sweet, it’s perfect,” said @snackqween in the video after trying the concoction.


If you want even more inspo on combining the two tasty menu items, there are also plenty of videos of other TikTokers trying out the hack. Videos with the #KoreanIcedCoffee tag have 2.8 million views as of July 12, and the tag features plenty of people trying out Mickey D’s sweet trick. Now that you know how to create your own Korean iced coffee, you can upgrade your coffee runs all summer long.