Science Says Masturbation Can Actually Help Make You A Healthier Person (Video)

If this is true, I was probably the healthiest person in America in 2006.

AsapSCIENCE hopes its video on masturbation myths can help dispel some negative PR associated with having your very own one-person pleasure parade.

According to the video, masturbation can help to reduce stress, fend off prostate cancer and even help with overcoming a cold. Women also receive rewards when becoming one with themselves as science shows masturbating can help reduce menstrual cramping.

Another huge myth taken down in the video is how taking the F train DOWNTOWN can affect your ability to procreate.

Researchers found masturbating may give you a lower sperm count, but it does not negatively affect the number of sperm retained by a female when you have sex.

The reason behind this is, since younger sperm are stronger, masturbating can clear out older, weaker sperm for the next time you have sex, making one’s discharge more -- ugh -- potent (ew).