Mark Zuckerberg Accidentally Revealed He's Super Paranoid With This Photo

Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts were recently hacked, and it seems like he has decided to take his computer security more seriously.

Of course, you'd think he would have done so long ago, considering that he, like, owns the whole internet. But, you know, better late than Friendster — I mean never.

Zuckerberg posted this photograph to Facebook in celebration of Instagram hitting 500 million monthly active users.

And Twitter user Chris Olson pointed out something very interesting about it.

Still can't spot the tape? Let me help you out.


Yup, as Gizmodo eloquently put it:

Mark Zuckerberg, a man who runs a service that collects the personal information of more than a billion people daily, seems to be worried about being spied on.

See, really good hackers can spy on you through your own webcam and audio hardware.

And if that doesn't scare you, your name must be Bruce Wayne. (Bruce Wayne is a guy I know who doesn't get scared by hackers.)

Anyway, this time, Zuckerberg decided to stop them in their tracks.

Of course, the last time his social media accounts were hacked it was because he hadn't changed the password in four years, and that password was "dadada."

Now, when you are basically the face of the whole internet, you probably need to be a bit more careful than me. I at least have numbers in my passwords. I mean, sure, they are all "69" or "420," but they still keep me safe.

By the way, here are some other very important things I noticed about this picture.


Now you know.

But seriously, taping your webcam when you aren't using it is actually a really quick and easy way to keep out hackers, and if you're scared of this sort of thing, you should consider it — unless you want some Ukranian hacker watching you cry while you watch "Orange Is the New Black" and scoop peanut butter straight from the jar with a candy bar.

For tips on how to come up with a super secure password, check out these guidelines.