Husband Completely Surprises His Wife By Telling Her She's Pregnant (Video)

Is this really cute or super cruel?

Most of the time, women hold all the power when it comes to pregnancy announcements. I mean, they’re the ones who bear the babies, so obviously, they’re the ones who are going to find out they’re pregnant before anybody else.

That’s what makes this video mesmerizing.

This guy was able to snag some of his wife’s pee, test it, confirm she was, in fact, pregnant and then have a big reveal all before she really suspected anything.

I still can’t decide if this video and the guy's actions are abnormally cruel or the sweetest things of all time.

I will say I was impressed they remembered to give viewers the “make sure to subscribe to our channel…” speech even during this life-altering moment.

Babies come and go, but YouTube views are forever.