This Man Stopped Going To Work For Six Years, And No One Noticed

by Gillian Fuller
Getty Images

Have you ever had one of those days when you go to work but literally have nothing to do?

Yeah, that was this guy's life. So he decided to stop going.

Joaquin Garcia, a 69-year-old from Cadiz, Spain, started working at utilities provider Aguas de Cadiz in 1990, The Independent reports.

In 2010, the city elected to give Garcia a commemorative plaque for 20 years of service. However, before awarding him the plaque, they discovered Garcia hadn't worked a day for more than six years, despite continuing to collect his 37,000 Euro salary.

Though Garcia denied the allegations, claiming he went to work daily, he admitted he had no work to do. The man allegedly told investigators he didn't want to quit because he feared it would be hard to find another job.

A Cadiz court ordered Garcia pay back a year's salary, the maximum fine allowed. Considering that means he got five years' worth of pay for free, it still sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Who wants to take an (extended) vacation with me?


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