Man Reportedly Stabbed During Viewing Of Blake Lively's 'The Shallows'

by Kate Ryan
Columbia Pictures

Yet another American movie theater has experienced unwarranted violence after a 21-year-old man was stabbed several times during a showing of Blake Lively's "The Shallows" at the Roxy Theater in Santa Rosa, California, on Thursday.

Entertainment Tonight reports that the Santa Rosa Police Department released news of the attack on its Facebook page. According to the post,

The suspect, who was unknown to the victim, approached him from behind and stabbed him several times in an unprovoked attack. Witnesses tended to the victim's wounds until police officers and emergency medical personnel arrived.

While the unnamed victim is expected to survive, the Santa Rosa Police Department wrote that he was admitted to the ER "for multiple life threatening stab wounds." In the aftermath of the stabbing, police detained 23-year-old Delonte Hart for attempted murder. Apparently, Hart had been homeless for several months prior to the reported stabbing.

The Santa Rosa PD went on to thank the quick-thinking moviegoers, saying,

We would like to thank the witnesses who so quickly came to the victim's aid and also provided detailed descriptions of the attacker. Their actions during and after this random and frightening attack allowed our officers to capture the suspect so quickly after the crime.

With these horrifying stories becoming all too common, it's high time we work harder to ensure public spaces stay safe.

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