Idiot Sets Gas Station In Flames By Trying To Kill Spider With Lighter (Video)

A man accidentally ignited a huge fire at a gas station when he tried to burn a spider.

According to FOX 2, the man was using a pump at a Mobil station in Center Line, Michigan last week when he saw a spider crawling on his gas tank.

The man was so petrified by the creature, he seemingly didn't see anything wrong with applying a lighter to it.

Massive flames erupted immediately, setting the car and pump on fire. An employee hit a "stop" button for the pump and called the fire department, while the man quickly put out the fire with a nearby extinguisher.

The car sustained very little damage, but the pump was reportedly destroyed.

Gas station employee Susan Adams told FOX 2 the man, who was not hurt, came back the next day to apologize.

She explained,

He was sorry. He apologozied. He was sorry. He didn't know. It is just one of those things that happen -- stupidity.

The gas station's insurance will likely cover the damage to the pump.

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