Married Man Proposes To Prostitute And Kills Himself After She Says No

Nemanja Glumac

Zimbabwean man killed himself after a prostitute reportedly declined his proposal to marry him and become his second wife.

The deceased is 21-year-old Donald Trust, who drank a poison known as acaricide after he and the woman engaged in a passionate argument.

The prostitute's name is Modester Zhou, who allegedly confirmed to The Mirror that Trust was a regular client of hers and that the two were having an affair.

However, when Trust asked Zhou to be his second wife, she said no, and things got much worse from there.

Zhou explained, "Trust was my client and he was now insisting on making me his second wife but I refused."

Trust's aunt, Beauty Hove, said the two fought at a local business center in Langeni Village, where Trust stabbed Zhou one time in her shoulder before he fled the scene.

Fortunately, Zhou was quickly rescued and rushed to the hospital by other individuals who were near where the incident occurred.

After running away from the scene, Trust was reportedly overcome with distress, as he was worried he had actually managed to kill Zhou in the attack.

He then drank the poison and rushed to the Gwengwena Dam, with the intention of drowning himself.

Police managed to chase Trust down, but the acaricide had already begun affecting his lungs and his kidneys.

Trust ultimately passed away in the hospital, unable to be rescued, as the damage to his body was already too great.

He leaves behind his first wife and his child.

Acaricide is most commonly used as a pesticide designed to kill mites and ticks. Poisoning from this chemical is usually caused by breathing in or ingesting it, and symptoms can range drastically from fever to vomiting to skin rashes.

The chemical ultimately becomes toxic to organs such as the liver, kidneys, brain and nervous system.

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