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This Man Got Charged Over $140 For What Should've Been A 4-Mile Uber Ride

Taking a cab is a moment of blissful surrender where you tell yourself,

I am responsible in my complete and utter lack of responsibility.

What would normally have been a stellar experience for Uber customer Daniel Kaizen turned into highway robbery when he awoke the next day to find a £102 ($147) charge from what should have been a quick, 4-mile ride.

Kaizen spent Sunday night celebrating his last shift working in a cocktail bar.

He told BBC Newsbeat,

When I say I was drunk, I mean, blindingly drunk.

The Londoner made the sensible choice and called for an Uber that took him on a winding journey around the city for an astronomical price.

Monday morning, a bewildered Kaizen took a screenshot of his trip and tweeted it at Uber. The cab company extended its apologies and refunded him the cost of his ride.

The idea of being taken advantage of by a cabbie in any way while incapacitated is rage-inducing. It's lucky the matter was quickly resolved, but it's up to Uber to see that unprofessional assh*lery like this doesn't continue in the future.

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