Man Set His Ex-Girlfriend's House On Fire And Then Danced On Her Roof (Video)

An Indiana man reportedly set his ex-girlfriend's house on fire and then danced on the roof while being challenged by police.

RTV 6 reports Matthew Russ, 25, stole his ex-girlfriend's keys and destroyed the front of her car by hitting a utility pole in Indianapolis on Monday.

At around 10:30 am, police went to the woman's house after receiving reports about a barricaded subject and came upon Russ sitting in the driveway with a butcher knife.

Russ, who is said to have problems controlling anger, then went inside only to appear on the roof, still holding his knife.

Police fired rubber bullets, prompting Russ to go back into the home. He then started a fire, although it's not clear how, at around 11 am.

Russ was back on the roof soon after, despite the massive flames growing behind him.

He threw his knife to the ground but proceeded to dance with a smile on his face.

After hitting Russ with more rubber bullets, police ascended to the roof using an aerial ladder and administered a taser. Russ was reportedly still smiling as he was taken away on a gurney at about 11:40 am for a mental evaluation.

Police later said Russ could have died from smoke inhalation had they waited longer to subdue him.

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