Crazy Jealous Man Chops His Wife's Ears Off Because She Spoke To Other Men


A 23-year-old woman named Zarina had her ear chopped off by her husband earlier this week in Afghanistan.

Her husband allegedly attacked her for "speaking to other men."

Zarina, who wed at 13, spoke of the incident, saying, "I don't want to live with him anymore. I want divorce. I want him in jail."


She apparently arrived at the hospital "in critical condition, having lost a lot of blood," according to hospital spokesman Noor Mohammad Faiz.

Faiz also reported they will do their very best to treat Zarina at the hospital in Mazar-e-Sharif, but she might need to travel elsewhere to get proper treatment after this dangerous attack left her in such dire condition.

He said, "Both her ears are cut. We will try to treat her here. If not, she needs to be taken abroad."


Unfortunately, Zarina's husband is nowhere to found.

The governor of Balkh, Sher Jan Durrani, explained, "Her husband has fled and is at large. We have started our investigation to arrest him."

It's been 15 years since the Taliban regime has ended, but there is still a heart-wrenching problem of violence against women in Afghanistan. And the abuse is almost always from husbands and their family members, according to

In a starkly similar incident in January 2016, following a disagreement, a man cut off his wife's (Reza Gul) nose. But her husband fled to a Taliban-controlled area where he was protected from being prosecuted.

Just this past summer, a man also killed his pregnant wife, 16, after setting her on fire.

There are far too many stories of this nature, where young women are abused and tortured by their husbands, boyfriends or family members.

Let's help give a voice to these innocent victims by supporting organizations that help women who have been attacked, like Zarina and Reza.

Here are some organizations actively working to help the women of Afghanistan. Every little bit of help counts.

Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA)

Afghan Coalition — Domestic Violence Support 

Stop Violence Against Women 

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