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Man Arrested For Carrying Two Guns Outside A Disneyland Theme Park

French police reportedly arrested a man who entered a hotel near Disneyland Paris with two firearms.

According to The Guardian, the 28-year-old was stopped by security at Disney's Hotel New York after his bag went through a scanner at the front entrance.

Police reportedly said the man was carrying two low-caliber weapons, one of which was an automatic handgun, along with a box of ammunition and a Quran.

A female believed to be with him was arrested as well, but she was later released because she was reportedly the wrong suspect.

Police said the man was on his way inside to make a reservation when his firearms were detected. Nobody was injured during the arrest.

Disneyland Paris, located about 18 miles from Paris, is still currently open.

The theme park attracted approximately 10 million guests in 2014, making it the most popular theme park in Europe.

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