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Here's what you need to know about the "Little Miss" memes, including how to make them, where to get...

These Little Miss IG Trend Creators Spill The *Best* Tips For The Perfect Meme

Little Miss Never Let This Trend Die.

If you’ve been on Instagram or Twitter recently, you’ve seen your fair share of Little Miss memes making the rounds. The new trend, which takes the adorable cartoons from the Little Miss series and assigns them a new name based on a ~unique~ characteristic, has seriously taken off since the format went viral earlier this year. If you want to join in on the fun, though, you’re probably wondering how to make the Little Miss memes, where to get your ideas, and more, so you can start you very own Little Miss collection. I spoke to two Little Miss creators, and their tips will help you perfect your meme.

“It works because you can put any caption!” Instagrammer @juulpuppy tells Elite Daily. The trend creator might be on to something because the versatility of Little Miss makes it seem like there’s no end in sight. The meme format itself might be new, but the Little Miss characters have actually been around for decades. ICYDK, the trend is based on the spirited and smiley characters from the Mr. Men and Little Miss children’s books written by Roger Hargreaves in the 1970s. Nearly 100 lovable characters were featured in the popular books, including Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Happy, and of course, Little Miss Sunshine. The 2022 version, however, assigns the characters a new name based on a specific, relatable, or unexpected characteristic or personality trait.

According to Know Your Meme, the meme first started making waves in April 2022, when Twitter user @DreamGirlTat tweeted an image of a “Little Miss Smokes Too Much Weed” parody that originally came from Tumblr. As of July 27, there are dozens of meme accounts dedicated to the dozen of Little Miss memes to come out of this trend, including @JuulPuppy and @LittleMissNotesApp.

Whether you want to start your own curation account, or you just have a unique quirk worthy of a meme, here are the steps you need to follow to create your own Little Miss memes.

How To Make Little Miss Memes

There are so many versions of the Little Miss meme floating around Instagram and Twitter that you’d think they were coming from a meme generator, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Yup, as of July 27, there’s no website or app that’ll create a meme for you, which means you’ll need to have a basic understanding of a photo editing app or software to make your Little Miss Idea into a Little Miss Reality. If this isn’t your first time you’ve tried your hand at meme making, though, the format is simple enough that it should be a breeze.

First, you’ll want to select the cartoon that speaks to you the most. You can find a full list of the characters names and images on the Little Miss and Mr. Men wiki fandom pages. After you’ve settled on a character, it’s time to give it a name change.

Whatever your photo editor of choice may be, make sure it gives you the option to add text, because you’re gonna want to type the name of your character at the top of the screen in the format of “Little Miss ____” or “Mr. ____.” Once you’ve done that, all that’s left to do is take it to the internet and watch it take off.

Little Miss Meme Ideas

Because there are so many Little Miss memes circulating on social media, it can feel like all the good ideas have already been taken. Elite Daily reached out to JuulPuppy and Little Miss meme curator Nicole Gagliardi (@LittleMissNotesApp on Instagram) about where to look for inspiration, how to make your Little Miss meme have a widespread reach, and more.

When it comes to inspiration, 22 year-old Gagliardi doesn’t seek out ideas for her memes as much as she’s influenced by everyday conversations and occurrences. “Inspiration comes from just common jokes and things we make fun of in ourselves and others,” Gagliardi tells Elite Daily. “Things we like to identify with, and sometimes things we're shy to admit about ourselves unless it's in a funny, relatable way.”

Creator JuulPuppy was at the the forefront of Little Miss meme-dom, and they share that it was a way to take the content on their page in a more “uplifting and lighthearted” direction. The 21 year-old tells Elite Daily, “When I remembered the Little Miss books, I just knew this would be a perfect format.” It looks like they were right.

The success of the meme format seems to come as no surprise to JuulPuppy. Between the inviting faces of the nostalgic childhood characters and the inclusive nature of the format, it makes sense why the meme has had such an expansive reach. “It began with Gen Z but now I see my mom’s friends posting them and a ton of millennials as well,” they say. With such a wide-ranging audience of people engaging with the meme, JuulPuppy believes there isn’t one Little Miss meme that stands out among the rest. Instead, the driving force behind each meme should be to help people see their “vulnerabilities presented in a comedic way.”

Gagliardi tries maintain a certain standard with her content: “I like it to be comedically specific. The more niche it can get but still have people relate to it, the better,” she tells Elite Daily. The creator also shared some insider info about the Little Miss characters that people like to see the most. Her pro tip: go for the aesthetically pleasing cartoons, specifically the pink ones. According to Gagliardi, the pink ones always seem to be a crowd favorite.

She says the draw of the meme format is its ability to get people to own up to aspects about themselves that they’d otherwise keep to themselves. Most Little Miss memes are based on qualities that people “wouldn't put out on the internet everyday.” Gagliardi encourages others to embrace the embarrassing: “I think people like seeing themselves in what I post and being able to identify with little quirks or interests ... you're not alone in that, or can fess up to it, because someone else brought it up first.” Looks like it’s time to take your “dear diary” entries and splash them on a meme.