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These are the 9 best "we need an American Girl Doll who…” memes.

These Made-Up American Girl Dolls Have Me Cackling

Of course she needs to be on BeReal!

If you had an American Girl Doll growing up (Molly girl, here!), you’ll love the new meme based on the childhood toys that creates dolls with ultra-specific personalities based on what she’d be doing in 2022.

These nine “we need an American Girl Doll who...” memes will make you wish these dolls were real.

According to Know Your Meme, the American Girl Doll meme has been growing ever since Instagram user @hellicity_merriman’s began creating imagined American Girl Dolls with ~unique~ interests.

The account’s first “We need an American Girl Doll who” meme was posted on May 16, 2022, and Twitter was flooded with tweets of imagined dolls in late June and early July.

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