Last Known Living 9/11 Dog Gets A Very Well-Deserved Sweet 16 Party (Video)

Tomorrow marks 14 years since the September 11 terrorist attacks -- a day that forever changed America's history and the lives of thousands.

But instead of mourning what was lost 14 years ago, one group celebrated what was saved -- all thanks to Bretagne, the last living canine first responder who helped out at Ground Zero.

In an almost unbelievable twist of fate, Bretagne turned 16 on September 9, two days before the attack's 14th anniversary.

So to celebrate, Denise Corliss -- Bretagne's handler -- threw the heroic pup an unforgettable birthday party.

With the help of 1 Hotels and BarkBox (a dog food and toy subscription service), Denise and the crew gave Bretagne the ultimate VIP treatment.

Bretagne even got her furry lil' mug on a Times Square billboard for the day.

Check out "Bretagne's Best Day" up top, and learn more about BarkBox here. Oh, and don't forget to wish Bretagne the best birthday ever!

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