Koala Chases This Woman Down And Completely Scares The Sh*t Out Her (Video)

Laughter, so the saying goes, is the best medicine.

Now obviously that’s a bit of an exaggeration: A fit of the giggles certainly won’t save you if you’re sick.

That said, there are some things a hearty chuckle can cure, and the ol’ Monday blues is definitely one of them.

Fortunately for you, we have just the thing to get the LOLs going this Monday morning: a video of a koala bear sprinting on all fours.

According to the video’s poster, Ebony Churchill, the little creature began chasing her as she drove through a cattle field on an ATV.

For nearly a full minute, the koala determinedly gallops along in an apparent attempt to hitch a ride -- and by the video’s end, it manages to triumphantly latch on the vehicle’s tire.

The resulting footage (punctuated, I should add, by fearful screams) is at once one of the weirdest and one of the silliest things you'll see all week.

Check it out up top.