The Scary Result When Kids Are Given A Choice Between Chemicals And Toys (Video)

Each year in the Netherlands, an estimated 7,500 accidents happen with chemicals, most of which involve children.

What's the attraction?

Lemz, a Netherlands-based communications agency, conducted an experiment: What happens when kids are given the choice between toys and household chemicals?

Using a hidden camera, eye-tracking sensors and a heart-rate monitor, the study observes which object the kids are most drawn to.

Results show 50 percent of the sample size chose stain remover over a toy, 64 percent opted for paint and 82 percent chose bleach. Detergent cubes also appear to be the most popular item children want to play with.

The video below uncovers the real-time reactions of a small sample of children:

More than anything, the campaign serves as a call-to-action: Accidents happen, but accidents can be prevented.

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