Keebler's mini Fudge Stripe cookies with marshmallow frosting will remind you of a '90s treat.

Keebler's Mini Cookies And Frosting Combo Pack Will Remind You Of A Classic ‘90s Snack

Oh, and the frosting is marshmallow flavored!

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Keebler

It’s time to chow down on a new treat that’ll totally bring back memories of a popular ‘90s treat. Keebler’s new Mini Fudge Stripe Cookies with marshmallow frosting, aka Dip’mmms, are rolling out across the country. They feature the classic bite-sized fudge-striped cookies you know and love with extra sweetness on the side for all your dippin’ needs. If you’re ready to get nostalgic, you’ll certainly want to get your hands on these new bites.

According to Keebler, Keebler’s new Fudge Stripes Dip’mmms began rolling out nationwide in late December 2021 — just in time for fans to kick off 2022 with the spin on a classic. Keebler’s new product features the mini fudge striped cookies you know and love with marshmallow frosting in a single-serve portable tray. Similar to the beloved Dunkaroos from the ‘90s, you’ll be able to dip your bite-sized Fudge Stripe cookies in the glorious marshmallow frostin — and you do, it’ll look (and taste) like a s’more. The new cookies-and-frosting pairing is perfect for a quick mid-day snack or post-dinner treat, and will certainly add a special twist to your usual sweets thanks to the addition of dippable goodness.

Keebler Dip’mmms Fudge Stripes cookies began rolling out at nationwide grocery retailers like Walmart on Jan. 3, according to Keebler, so if you don’t see the product currently on the shelves, it’s a good idea to check back. You can also expect to see them available online as sites like in the coming weeks.

Courtesy of Keebler

It’ll cost you between $1.79 and $2.29 for a single pack of the cookies, or $6.99 for a four-count multi pack. Since Keebler Dip’mmms Fudge Stripes cookies are a permanent addition, you can look forward to adding the bites into your go-to lineup of snacks — especially when you’re in the mood for a taste, er, dunk, of nostalgia.

Before you head to the store to stock up on Keebler’s new Fudge Stripes Dip’mmms for a ‘90s throwback, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.