Jon Stewart's New HBO Show Is Going To Be Here A Lot Sooner Than We Thought

When Jon Stewart joined Stephen Colbert for "The Late Show" at the end of the Republican National Convention a week or so ago, it was a much welcome, but far too short-lived comeback.

If it left you feeling like we need Jon Stewart now more than ever, you'll be happy to hear his new HBO show might arrive in September or October, which means he'll be back with plenty of time to help us make sense of this insane election.

Casey Bloys, HBO's programming chief, told Hollywood Reporter,

So, we might not be getting Stewart's face, and it's not quite the same as his legendary stint as the host of "The Daily Show," but at this point, we'll take it.

This is some much-needed good news amid an election cycle that's felt like an endless series of upsetting, offensive and bizarre stories.