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Guy Runs Man Over For Looking At His GF – And You Thought Your BF Was Jealous

William Whitehorn, a 26-year-old English man, has been imprisoned for intentionally running over a man with his car.

The reason? The other man was allegedly looking at Whitehorn's girlfriend.

Yep, that's right. Not touching her or talking to her or interacting with her in any way -- just simply looking at her.

The two men started their vicious argument (over where the other man's eyeballs were pointed) while the train they were on pulled into the Stains railway station, on September 30.

A very jealous and angry Whitehorn then got in his car and ran over the other man before speeding off.

Thankfully, the man Whitehorn hit did not “suffer the full impact of the car” and survived the scary incident, although not without injury.

The complete absurdity of the series of events, and how drastic and incongruous Whitehorn's actions were, are laid bare in this concise summation of what happened by the detective investigating the case:

Whitehorn's actions were extremely dangerous. He was angry with the victim, whom he did not know, because he thought he had been looking at his girlfriend, and reacted by driving his car at him.

When he arrived home later that evening, he told his aunt he thought he had killed someone.

Whitehorn eventually confessed to “driving a motor vehicle dangerously” and “failing to stop after a road accident," which seems like a pretty mild way to say, “was so jealous he tried to kill a guy, but accidentally didn't succeed.”

He will now have to serve 20 months in prison. In addition, he will not be allowed to drive until he passes an "extended test."

I can only assume this test involves him having to parallel park during rush hour as handsomer men than him sit in the backseat and talk about how hot his girlfriend is.